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If you are interested in shotguns for clay pigeon and game shooting, Sporting & General Supply (Shrewsbury) Ltd can help you find the right gun for your activities and your budget. We have a wide range of guns on offer from .410 shotguns right through to 12 gauge shotguns.


Comprehensive range of shotguns

We offer a comprehensive range of shotgun from the biggest shotgun suppliers around the world. With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, we can help you if you are looking for your first gun to start shooting, have experience with clay pigeon or game shooting or are a collector looking for a certain type of gun.

We stock guns from Beretta, Browning, Lincoln, Miroku and Winchester as well as air rifle and rifles plus a range of run accessories. Based right in Shrewsbury, we are one of the top gunsmiths in Shropshire.

Supplies and repairs

As well as offering shotguns for sale from a top range of brands, we also offer repairs and servicing. You can bring your gun to us if you are having problems or if you simply want to get it checked out and serviced. We can also help with all of the gun-related supplies you need including ammunition and scopes.

As well as the guns themselves, we also offer products such as gun cabinets. Gun safety is an important part of being a gun owner and we can help you get the right cabinet to store your guns and ensure no-one accidentally gets access to them. We can even supply you with the right clothing to go shooting so that you are easy to spot during those game hunting sessions.


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91 Belle Vue Road Shrewsbury
SY3 7Y3, United Kingdom

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