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Shropshire’s gunsmiths offering shooting accessories and products

Sporting & General Supply (Shrewsbury) Ltd was founded in 1969 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire as a one-stop shop for all the shooting needs that the local people had. Our aim was to offer a convenient location where people could come to a family-run business and get top quality products and reliable advice on different guns and shooting accessories. Jump forward nearly two generations and we are still offering the same service to our customers.

about us

Full selection of guns

The primary reason that people visit us is that we offer a full selection of hunting and hobby guns for everything from game hunting to clay pigeon shooting and even vermin control weapons in the form of air rifle and air pistols. As a licensed gunsmith, we can help you uncover what is the right gun for you based on factors such as what you want to do with it, your physical abilities and the budget you have to spend.

In the store, you can choose from shotgun and rifle models from top name brands such as Winchester, Browning and Beretta. You can look at different types of air rifles including traditional styles and those using new tech such as CO2. And we can also supply gun cabinets to store your weapons safely and securely.

Maintaining your weapons

An important part of owning guns is that they are maintained in top condition and that’s where we can also help. Our maintenance and repair services mean you can have an expert take a look at your gun and make sure it works in top condition. We can help with most makes and models and can offer regular servicing for your guns as well.


01743 350 991


91 Belle Vue Road Shrewsbury
SY3 7Y3, United Kingdom

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